Frequently Asked Questions

Can I collect my parcel myself?

If you have received a ‘We Called’ card and you prefer to collect an item, please call your local depot who left the parcel to verify that the item has arrived back there before going to collect it, and to check opening hours. You will need to bring the card they left and one additional form of identification (such as a driving licence or household bill) bearing the address that the item was sent to.

I've received a card telling me I've missed a delivery, what do I do now?
Call the local delivery depot’s telephone number on the ‘We Called’ card or hit the redeliver your parcel button (here) to re-arrange delivery or to arrange to collect the parcel from your local depot.

Can my parcel be delivered to another address?
Items may only be redirected with permission from the sender. For security and contractual reasons we cannot accept redirection instructions from a recipient until the sender has authorised us to do this. If you are expecting to receive an item and want it to be delivered to a different address, please contact the sender who can in turn give us the authority to do this.

How can I track my parcel?
There are two ways of tracking your parcel. Firstly you can register and obtain an ID and password which will allow you to login to enter the customer area where you can track your parcels.

How do I get a proof of delivery (POD)?
There are two ways of getting a POD. All account holders have full access to POD’s via your online booking platform. Alternatively obtaining your POD please contact your local depot.

When will my parcel be delivered?
For deliveries to the majority of the UK we deliver on the next working day after the item was sent (this may vary in some rural locations). When an item is booked with ABC Limited / ABC Blackpool Limited, the sender will specify delivery from our range of services. This is normally for delivery by 09:00, 10:00, 12:00 or 16:00 on the next working day (Mon-Fri). Delivery will be attempted between 08.00 and the selected delivery time.

Is my parcel covered by any Goods In Transit Liability Cover?
Please click here for information about Goods In Transit Liability Cover.

How can I get information on opening an account?
How do I book online?
Once you have opened an account with ABC Limited / ABC Blackpool Limited, a cloud based booking platform will be available for all your delivery and collection requirements.

How do I get a quotation?
Contact by telephone, ABC Limited  01772 421454 / ABC Blackpool Limited 01253 403781
Email, or

Is there anything you don’t carry?
Please click here for can and can’t carry button

Where can I find your terms and conditions?
Click here to read our Terms and Conditions for APC 2016

Where can I find your Privacy Terms?
Click here to read our Privacy Terms for May 2018
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